Humanising Healthcare

A new model of working

There is a model: the practice development programme. This focuses on a coaching model where teams work alongside practice colleagues. Gradually they shift their frame of reference and put the patient in the centre. As people work through the programme they look more critically at what they do.

It’s a slow process: there are no quick fixes. And they are working to improve practice and care within existing resources. Part of the process is to help professionals hear the patient voice: they do discovery interviews; digital storytelling could also be used to help people share their stories more affectively and effectively.

An important point is that it’s the whole team: porters, housekeepers, mental health assistants and health care assistants working with nurses and other professionals. Often these are the groups who are disenfranchised in turns of educational opportunities. They are also often the ones who can make a big difference to the quality of the patient experience.

The development of the Patient Voices programme stories also offers a model of co-production in


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