Humanising Healthcare

Who do we influence, and how?

Within education, we need to influence educators: they need to have hooks/’drivers’ to hang work on to.
The practice world is different to education in that it is far less controlled and so any attempts to work within this setting need to be flexible, as is the Practice Development Programme.
Any change is complex to achieve and change within a complex system such as health care is even more complex. In an interconnected system such as healthcare, change can only be sustained if there is change in other parts of the system. This is why pilots so often fizzle out. But change happens when people feel the need and the impact of it in their hearts. So we need to motivate people and the best way of doing that is by touching their hearts….
'If you want to build a ship do not gather men together and assign tasks. Instead teach them the longing for the wide endless sea.’
Antoine de St Exupery


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